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    Elaina Schyb - Mars Venus Coach

A Coach is an important factor for achieving success.

“If we are willing to hire a coach for better sports performance why wouldn’t we hire a coach to have better emotional performance to improve our relationships.”

Benefits of a Weekly Coach

Women feel better and less stressed when they are scheduled to talk to someone about issues regularly…to feel heard.

Men progress with a scheduled coaching session and thrive when talking it out especially since the coach is neutral.

Create some great habits with me as you coach. Let’s have a complimentary chat that starts here – just answer these questions to get an idea of where you are – then together we will map out an amazing path of where you want to go and we will celebrate achievements along the way.

4 Benefits to Working with Me


Friendly purposeful aim to be more happy, see things more clearly and have what matters most within reach.


Receive a personalized ‘plan of action’ and make small changes for impactful effectiveness.


Gain clarity of roadblocks in the way of conquering targets.


Reminders through the process. Trust that Elaina will be a wonderful support to get positive results.

About Elaina Schyb

Elaina is an artisan of organization. Working as a professional organizer she naturally was Life Coaching clients through the process. With testimonials like, “She entered our home with a peaceful energy and put our fears at ease.” it was only a matter of time that Elaina knew she wanted to expand her client base virtually. Now, she is coaching individuals for what they want and need out of life and getting them there week after week.

Helping folks see clearly the fine balance to have family and career streamlined in this chaotic day and age. Always striving to keep family, herself and friends aware that life always has obstacles and to keep on keeping on despite things that arise.

Elaina is a Mars Venus Coach able to bring on clients located in the USA and beyond. Her degree is in Communications from Columbia College. Elaina hopes to publish more of her writing. Her “dream job” of being a Life Coach only adds to her impact on her clients and circle of friends. Her father was a lifelong learner and raised her to brighten up everyone – in turn that ALWAYS brightens up our own lives.

~ Smile and happiness is there immediately.

Knowing how Men and Women are different is the key to better relationships.

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